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Re: Problem in installation


from your good description of the problem it seems to me that we had a
related problem here once when connecting two machines back-to-back.
The problem is that the driver makes some incorrect assumptions about the
new VCI number being allocated.

Uwe Dannowski fixed this in a preliminary alpha 0.3 release which is not
contained on the official website yet. I'd suggest to ask him,
( ; Guido Vattrodt (
since he encountered the same problem I think). You can also do it yourself,
see the ENI driver for a VCI good allocation strategy.


Anthony T C Tam wrote:
 > Hi all,
 > I am trying to install an ATM interface to two linux boxes and connecting
 > them in back-to-back.  Because I am a newbie to both Linux and ATM, so I
 > tried to use the simplest method during the installation.  The ATM adapter
 > cards we are using is the FORE PCA200E, so I have to follow the
 > step-by-step page that created by Chris Leech at CWRU with minor modification.
 > 1. The original OS version of my machines are 2.0.30 of Redhat-4.2 package,
 > but I replaced it with 2.0.29.
 > 2. I am installing the Linux-ATM ver. 0.31 and PCA200E driver of ver. 0.2
 > together with the firmware image download from pca200e-driver site. 
 > 3. During the setup, I have enabled both classical IP and LANE only.
 > 4. Everything looks fine during the compilation and reboot.


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