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ATM_AAL0 = 13 ???


I have been trying to run something over AAL0 for one month. Yesterday,
(considering that nothing could go worse) I changed the AAL
specification in the open socket call from ATM_AAL0 (=13 in atm.h) to 0. 


I am not quite sure of what kind of AAL is the application actually
using, but at list I got rid of the error -EBUSI (bind: device or
resource busy) when the driver function pca200e_activatevcin was called.

I will appreciate any explanation of what is going on. 

Also, in case I am using the NO_AAL (I think that is the name) defined
in atm.h as 0, I would like to know what is the difference with AAL0.

Thank you in anticipation.


Alfonso Gonzalez 
Msc. High Speed Networks & Distributed Systems
Oxford Brookes University

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