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Re: Looking for help on Linux-ATM

On Mon, 24 Nov 1997, aaron james schneider wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to install an ATM network using Linux-ATM
> and so far, I've met with little success.  I was
> wondering if anyone out there might have a couple
> of hints or suggestions on where I should look to
> help me.
> Let me describe my setup for you.
> I'm trying to connect four Pentium Pro's, using
> the Fore pca-200e network cards and the Fore
> Runner LE switch.  These computers are already
> connected by ethernet to a slightly larger network.
> The kernel I'm using is the 2.0.29 kernel with
> Redhat 4.2.  The atm patch (version 0.31) seems to 
> have taken and after reconfiguring it, it is compiling to
> a usable kernel.
> I've download the pca200e driver, compiled and
> installed it.  And that seems to be running fine.
> The atmsigd starts, and doesn't return any errors.
> The ilmid starts as well and is grabbing the switch
> address and the esi.  I'm trying to run the network using ip, 
> so I've started atmarpd and atmarp.  After which, I
> configured the network.
> Everything seems to be running fine, but so far, I've
> been unable to connect to any other computer in the
> network.

0.31 does have the following bug (which is solved in 0.33, but 0.33 is for
2.1.* kernels):  the atmarp server doesn't make client entries public,
which means that the atm address for the given IP address is never
resolved because the atmarp server refuses to respond to it.  Hence a
connection can never be made.  (you should be able to to open an IP
connection from a client machine to the atmarp servermachine though)
When you type `atmarp -a` on the machine which runs the atmarp server, you
see that the flags for all the entries are 0x08, where they should be at
least 0x08).  The following patch makes all the client entries public by
default (this is also the bugfix for the atmarp server that has been
applied in 0.33):

diff -cr ref/arpd/io.c work/arpd/io.c
*** ref/arpd/io.c       Thu Apr 10 11:48:29 1997
--- work/arpd/io.c      Wed Nov 12 16:05:00 1997
*** 17,22 ****
--- 17,23 ----
  #include <linux/atm.h>
  #include <linux/atmclip.h> /* for CLIP_DEFAULT_IDLETIMER */
  #include <linux/atmarp.h>
+ #include <linux/if_arp.h>
  #include "atm.h"
  #include "atmd.h"
*** 239,244 ****
--- 240,246 ----
      entry->state = as_invalid;
      entry->addr = alloc_t(struct sockaddr_atmsvc);
      *entry->addr = addr;
+     entry->flags = ATF_PUBL;
      vcc->entry = entry;

Execute it with `patch -p1 -s <patchfile` in the root from your atm
source tree.


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