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Re: Problem initailizing pca200e module (Indu Mahadevan - EECS) wrote:
> /var/log/messages did not have any kernel messages with the info.

At least something like

	PCA-200E: found Fore PCA-200E at 0xe2000000, IRQ 5 
	PCA-200E: Rev D, S/N: 38722, ESI: 00:20:48:08:97:42 

should be there (if all went ok - otherwise an error message should be there).
If you can't figure out where the messages go, stop syslogd and klogd and
try insmod on a virtual console.

> >From /proc/pci, I know that the ATM fore card is at address 0xfec
> and IRQ 10. There seems no conflict with other cards from
> /proc/interrupts. Is there someway to specify the io address for insmod to
> probe? 

0xfec is quite unusual - I'd expect the address to be 2M aligned anywhere
behind the physical memory range ->

	addr = 0xpq000000, with q in {0,2,4,6,8,a,c,e}.

Is the card's address really 0x00000fec ???
If so, your PCI Bios seems to be broken.
You can set the card's address in pca200e_card_detect(...) with

  if (pcibios_write_config_dword(pca200e->bus, pca200e->dev_fn,
                                 0xpq000000) != PCIBIOS_SUCCESSFUL)
      printk("Can't set membase\n");
      return -EIO;
just before reading it. But be sure to select a *free* 2M area in the 4GB
address space.

> > invalid firmware image.
> I downloaded the 3.0.2 firmware binary image from the web site.

That image should do. Sometimes the file pca200e_firmw.h is empty due to a
messed Makefile. pca200e_firmw.h is generated from pca200e.bin.


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