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Re: Problem initailizing pca200e module


> > I am having a problem with using the linux pca200e driver.
> > ...
> > 4) After reboot, I try insmod pca200e
> > It always returns ""Initialization of pca200e failed"
> > What can be the problem?
> Look in /var/log/{syslog,messages,debug} (or wherever your kernel's messages
> go) for a line describing the failure a bit more in detail.

/var/log/messages did not have any kernel messages with the info.

> Problems might result from IRQ sharing,

>From /proc/pci, I know that the ATM fore card is at address 0xfec
and IRQ 10. There seems no conflict with other cards from
/proc/interrupts. Is there someway to specify the io address for insmod to

> kernel memory shortage 

This does not seem a problem either.

> invalid firmware image.

I downloaded the 3.0.2 firmware binary image from the web site.
Is there someplace else I can get the binary from. With the Fore
card, I got a CD with a lot of unix drivers. Where would I find
the firmware binary? 

Thank you very much in advance.


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