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New FORE PCA-200E driver for 2.1 available for testing

A new version of the PCA-200E Linux driver is available for testing from

>From the README file:

                Linux support for FORE Systems PCA-200E

                             (v0.4 preview)

This package adds support for FORE Systems' PCA-200E 155Mbps ATM adapter to

The current version requires Linux kernel version 2.1.106 and ATM-on-Linux
version 0.38. For a few notes on installation see the INSTALL file.

Note that this is the first version for 2.1, so bugs are assumed to be there.
This is alpha code - only raw AAL5 and Classical IP have been tested on intel
UP/SMP so far. Module unloading is not (fully) implemented yet.

The update of the PCA-200E-Linux web page at


is still pending.

Feedback is welcome/expected - send it to .


It's too early in the morning for more at this point ;-)


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