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[Fwd: Problem about pca200e drvire]

the linux kernel is 2.0.29

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Hi, Uwe and everyone
	I use the Fore PCA-200E card with pca200e-0.2 driver in the end system,
it work well. (such as IP over ATM or LANE Client)
	But, when I use it in a route box (a ATM card and a ethernet card),it
could not work well. The following is in details:
	In route box,  I make kernel as farwording and as a route. I use Fore
pca200e card with pca200e-0.2 driver and linux-atm tools as one
interface. the another interface is a DEC21041 card with de4x5 driver.
When I use it to forward the IP packet between a ethernet end system and
a ATM end system(with IDT77201 card), it doesn't work well(IP over ATM
or LANE).
	When I ping the ATM system In the ethernet system, I find in the ATM
system with "netstat -ni" that the ATM system received the frames but
it  does not send frame. When I ping the ethernet system in the ATM
system, the ethernet system received the frame and response them, while
the ATM system could receive the response frame but it doesn't put the
received frame to up layer, so the ping command failed too. 
	I ping the route is well from ethernet end system or ATM end system.
	When I change the route's ATM card with IDT77201, All work well.


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