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[Q] Classical IP over ATM

Hi, everyall. I have some problems.

I will build ATM router. This machine has two network interface. one is
"PCA200e" and another is Ethernet interface (3Com 3c509).
I wish to connect another network with "pca200e" interface. but I cannot
open PVCs. How can I open PVCs?

I already installed "linux-atm" software, and already patched linux
kernel(ver 2.0.29, linux-atm 0.29). I also inserted new compiled
atm). But I could not invoke "clip"(classical IP over ATM) program.
Because of "ioctl() call fail (bad address of vpi/vci)", it could not
operate correc-
tly. why the reason? anybody know?

if you know the reason, please answer me. bye.... :)


Sincerely yours.

YongSeok Joo

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