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Re: [Q] Classical IP over ATM

clip creates the virtual interface which allows you to run IP over PVC. This 
is *not* classical IP over ATM as defined by RFC1577. This is something 
specific for ATM on Linux software and is not a standard. With clip you 
can create a kind of "tunnel" through the ATM cloud and associate IP address 
with the PVC which you set on the switch. 

If you want *real* Classical IP over ATM you have to start signalling 
daemon, ilmi daemon and arp daemon. Something like:

insmod /lib/modules/2.0.29/atm/pca200e.o   // inserts the module
atmsigd -b -l /var/log/atmsigd.log         // UNI3.0 daemon
ilmid -b -l /var/log/ilmid.log             // ILMI daemon
atmarpd -b -l /var/log/atmarpd.log         // ARP daemon for IP over ATM
atmarp -c atm0                             // this creates the interface atm0

Your ATM switch must have UNI3.0 and ILMI enabled and you need the ARP 
server (if you have Fore ASX switch and the CIP license, the switch can 
be the ARP server ... otherwise you have to use a Linux box as a server).

After you have started daemons, configure the interface with ifconfig and 
set routing tables with route command as you would normally do with 
all-Ethernet network. Note that the ATM subnet will have different IP 
address and different mask. The ATM device name will be atm0 in this case.

Finally tell your machine who's the ARP server (assuming that you have one):

atmarp -s <IP subnet address> <NSAP address of ARP server> arpsrv

For more detailed (and better) description of all this please see the 
USAGE file which comes along with ATM on Linux patch. Also read RFC1577 
for theoretical background.

Hope this helps ...



> Hi, everyall. I have some problems.
> I will build ATM router. This machine has two network interface. one is
> "PCA200e" and another is Ethernet interface (3Com 3c509).
> I wish to connect another network with "pca200e" interface. but I cannot
> open PVCs. How can I open PVCs?
> I already installed "linux-atm" software, and already patched linux
> kernel(ver 2.0.29, linux-atm 0.29). I also inserted new compiled
> module(linux-
> atm). But I could not invoke "clip"(classical IP over ATM) program.
> Because of "ioctl() call fail (bad address of vpi/vci)", it could not
> operate correc-
> tly. why the reason? anybody know?
> if you know the reason, please answer me. bye.... :)
> --
> Sincerely yours.
> YongSeok Joo

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