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Can't build PCA200E driver

Good day, I wonder if anyone could tell me what I am doing wrong.

I want to build the PCA200e driver on the following system:

Kernel:				2.1.117	(bleeding edge ;-)
Linux-ATM distribution:		0.43
PCA200e driver			pca200e-0.4

I am following the method used on this mailing list for building the
driver (see posts by but I cannot
build the damn thing! It falls over in the same way as gueniche's did.
He solved it by remaking (a buggy makefile)

My question is: Is the fact it isn't working due to the version of the
kernel and atm-linux distribution I am using??????

Question: why does the pca200e-0.4 driver software not have a Makefile????
	   I have used the old Makefile (from 0.2) Is this wrong?	

Best regards,

Matthew Roux
Communications Research Group
cell 082 465 9068 (a/h)

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