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How does pca200e driver support sdh mode?


I installed pca200e driver on linux. pca200e driver support sonet mode.
but I'd like to change from sonet mode to sdh mode because there is
transport equipment supported only sdh mode between source linux host
and destination public switch.

I see "set_framing()" at linux/drivers/atm/uPD98402.c file. I know that
"set_framing() set SONET_FRAME_SONET or SONET_FRAME_SDH and
linux/sonet.h declare SONET_Frame_SONET and SONET_FRAME_SDH.

So, I think "Someting exists for setting sonet/sdh mode" in
configuration file or someting else...

Help me.. please
Thanks in advanced..

Younghee KIM

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