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I have exactly the same problem as Jaques - unresolved symbols!!!!

Hello everyone, I have the same problem as Jaques:

| I've loaded kernel 2.1.106, atm0.38, pca200e-0.4 and installed them as it's 
| explained in the INSTALL file.
| Unluckely, when i compile the kernel, i have a resolution problem with two 
| variables :  _binary_pca200e_bin_start and _binary_pca200e_bin_size which are 
| declared as external.

I have kernel 2.1.117 and atm0.43 with pca200e-0.4. 

Anyone know what _binary_pca200e_bin_start and _binary_pca200e_bin_size 
are for? or why they can't be seen?


Matthew Roux
Communications Research Group
cell 082 465 9068 (a/h)

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