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Re: Problems compiling the PCA-200e module

> "Gordon M. Taylor" wrote:
> >         when I created a mostly-non-modular kernel, or a large number
> >         of modules with unresolved symbols when I made a mostly-modular
> >         kernel.  These modules were not solely related to Linux-ATM
> >         modules, but the Linux-ATM modules did also have unresolved
> >         symbols.
> The pca200e-0.4 driver is intended to be kernel-compiled in. As you can see,
> using it as a loadable module hasn't been tested thoroughly.
> Uwe

	I had a similar problem.  It seems that if you turn on
"version information on all symbols" things like atm_charge are "not found".
When I turned this option off things compiled and I can load the modules.
I assume there is an easy fix for this but I haven't looked into it.


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