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Linux 2.2.0pre1, ATM 0.51, pca200e-0.4 : problem ?

Hi List,

I've tried my luck with the combination in the subject:-header;
compilation and installation of the kernel with no problems.

When I boot up the machine, however, I get:

Jan  6 17:58:08 falcon kernel: pca200e: FORE Systems PCA-200E driver v0.3
- Uwe.
Jan  6 17:58:08 falcon kernel: pca200e: PCA-200E found at 0xe0000000, IRQ
Jan  6 17:58:08 falcon kernel: pca200e: readprom command failed 1!!!

The same hardware works fine with 2.0.29, atm-0.31, pca200e-0.1.

Am I experiencing a hardware problem of some obscure kind, or won't the
combination of kernel, ATM stack and PCA driver work ? If it won't, what's
the latest combination that should be stable (production quality) with the
2.2.0 kernel set ?


-- Charl
Charl J. Barnard                 |            NW II Building Room 5-1.3                   |            University of Pretoria
Tel.: +27-12-420-2444            |            Pretoria, South Africa
   "To understand recursion, one must first understand recursion."

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