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Re: [Fwd: Linux 2.2.x & Fore PCA200-E]


I'm sorry for the vague description.
I used the command atmsigd -b and ilmid -b. however, when I run the command
ilmid -b it just output something and then stop. Could you tell me what's



At 10:51 AM 3/23/99 +0100, you wrote:
>Hans H Halim <> wrote:
>>        I just installed the pca200e-0.4 with kernel 2.2.1 and atm 0.55. I
>> have made the new kernel work with pca 200e-0.4. However, when I want to use
>> the ATM, it didn't work. Is there any step that I should do before I use the
>> ATM?
>As you might have guessed already, your description isn't clear enough to 
>get at
>least an idea of what your problem could be. Looking at your email address, I
>assume the following article on linux-atm to be of some interest for you.
>Moshe Katz-Hyman <moshe@deepthought.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu> wrote:
>> The pca-200e driver page is here:
>> Also, since the Case Western Reserve University Linux Users Group had an
>> installfest over the weekend, I put together an impromptu mini-HOWTO on how
>> to get LANE working on the CWRU campus with the PCA-200E and 2.2.x.  It is
>> available at, and soon at
>>  I don't know if it would be helpful to those
not on
>> the CWRU campus or not.  Getting everything working was not too hard, but
>> then again, "I have stood on the backs of giants."  :-)
>Maybe it helps to contact Moshe Katz-Hyman directly.
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