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Card Pca200e (fwd)

	we have tested PCs AMD-K6 with 128Mb of Ram with 	
two ATM configurations:
	- Linux Red-Hat 5.2;
	- Kernel version 2.1.106;
	- Atm-Linux version 0.38;
	- Pca200e driver version 0.4;
	- ASX-1000 Switch; and

	- Kernel version 2.2.1;
	- Atm-Linux version 0.55;
	- Pca200e driver version 0.4;
	- ASX-1000 Switch; 

	We tried PVC setup as the first simple step.
	We configured the PVCs across the ATM switch and locally,
without no problems. Just after, we send pings to a Solaris (which
has been working fine on ATM). 
We verified that the PC sent over AAL5, but received over 
AAL0, getting AAL0 RecErrors. At Solaris side,
the workstation received the cells correctly, interpreted them as pings,
and returned them over AAL5, accordingly. 
We observed that the same number of cells were received and transmitted.
	Here are some of the collective diagnostic statistics after
some ping attempts:

Itf       TX_okay   TX_err    RX_okay   RX_err    RX_drop
  0 AAL0         0         0         0      2037         0
    AAL5      1648         0         0         0         0
	It is shown by atmdiag.

	Looking at /proc/atm/pca200e:0 we got the following information:

   internal name:		PCA-200E-0
   PCI bus number:		0
   device function:		0x0
   interrupt line:		12
   physical rambase:		0xdf000000
   virtual rambase:		0xc8000000
   HW address (ESI):		00:20:48:40:37:e8
   Serial No:			14312
   active b1 small buffs:	26
   active b1 large buffs:	32
   active b2 small buffs:	35
   active b2 large buffs:	32
   card init state:		11

   heartbeat state:		0x147702f4
   firmware release:		4.1.12
   monitor release:		12.0
   media type:			Unshielded twisted pair, 155 Mbps OC3

   boot status word:		0xce11feed
   version number:		12

 device statistics:
     crc_header_errors:		         0
     framing_errors:		         0

     section_bip8_errors:	         0
     path_bip8_errors:		         0
     line_bip24_errors:		         0
     line_febe_errors:		         0
     path_febe_errors:		         0
     corr_hcs_errors:		         0
     ucorr_hcs_errors:		         0

   ATM:				     cells
     TX:			         0
     RX:			         0
     vpi out of range:		         0
     vpi no conn:		         0
     vci out of range:		         0
     vci no conn:		    219626

   AAL0:			     cells
     TX:			         0
     RX:			         0
     dropped:			         0

     SAR sublayer:		     cells
       TX:			         0
       RX:			         0
       dropped:			         0
       CRC errors:		         0
       protocol errors:		         0

     CS  sublayer:		      PDUs
       TX:			         0
       RX:			         0
       dropped:			         0
       protocol errors:		         0

     SAR sublayer:		     cells
       TX:			       596
       RX:			         0
       dropped:			       908
       congestions:		       675

     CS  sublayer:		      PDUs
       TX:			       410
       RX:			         0
       dropped:			         0
       CRC errors:		       675
       protocol errors:		         0

   AUX:		       allocation failures
     small b1:			         0
     large b1:			         0
     small b2:			         0
     large b2:			         0
     RX PDUs:			         0

 receive carrier:			ON

  c6f19c00 0.110:5 

	We had started the following commands:

        atmarpd -b
        atmarp -c atm0
        ifconfig atm0 netmask up
        route add -net gw netmask
        atmarp -s 0.0.110, 

	which we did a bidirecional VCC on the switch between the two
	Do you have any idea?

Magnos Martinello
Telefone: (021) 205-8870
Rua Senador Vergueiro, 35 	APTO:406       Rio de Janeiro-RJ

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