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LANE with 2.2.5-15

Anyone had any success with this combination?  I managed to get LANE and CLIP
support compiled into the kernel, along with the pca200e driver.  When linux
boots he happily reports that he has found the atm card etc. I load atmsigd -b,
ilmid -b, without any apparent trouble.  "atmaddr' reports the correct NSAP
address.  I then load zepellin -n myelan, -i 0, -f somename.
He doesn't seem to even try to join the elan, but I don't get any obvious errors
on startup.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  thanks... 
Scott Knight, Network Analyst - SSM Health Care, Information Center
email: + phone: 314.644.7344 + fax: 314.647.1037
"Dad, when you come home with only shattered pieces of your dreams, your
little one can mend them like new with two magic words - 'Hi Dad!'"
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