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Hardware shaping

Hi all,

Exactly, how does the hardware shaping work on the PCA200E with Linux ATM?

Our config:
atmarp -s 195.163.xx.yy  0.0.33 qos cbr:pcr=166cps

In this case, our ISP's ATM-switch cuts our traffic when it is heavy loaded. Small packages can get through (5 bytes). Big packages don't. 

It seems that the Linux-ATM shaping is different than the switch (unknown brand). When our ISP configures their switch to 80-90 Mbits/s everything works ok. But, when shaping is set to 2.5Mbit/s on the switch (same as our shaping above?) it don't work. Why?


kernel - linux-2.0.29
atm    - atm-0.31
pca_200e - pca_200e-0.2


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