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FORE PCA200E vs. ENI 155p

Dear all,

We tried to connect back-to-back a FORE PCA200E with an ENI155p
with no success. Two PCA200s back-to-back works,
as well two ENIs (CLIP and Native ATM).
The environment is:
Linux 2.2.5, atm-0.57

Does someone of you have experienced the same problem or has a hint ?
It seems to be
i) an OC3c (ENI) to STM-1(PCA200E ???), or
ii) a configuration problem of PCA200E (52 byte cells ??)

Is there any tool to tackle this problem ? 

Thanks in advance


Theodoros Assimakopoulos
Telecommunication Networks Group 
Technical University of Berlin
Secr. FT 5-2
Einsteinufer 25            Tel.: ++49 (030) 314-25628
10587 Berlin               Fax.: ++49 (030) 314-23818

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