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Re: FORE PCA200E vs. ENI 155p

> We tried to connect back-to-back a FORE PCA200E with an ENI155p
> with no success. 

What are the symptoms of the problem? I have two Linux boxes,
one with FORE PCA200E and the other with ENI155p and they can
communicate to each other via LANE and CLIP successfully.
I use 2.2.6 kernel, Linux ATM 0.59 and FORE200E driver 0.4
(I had some compilation problems with Linux ATM 0.61 and kernels
2.2.6 and 2.2.10)

When I first run ifconfig on the PCA200E machine for atm0 (CLIP)
interface I get message "atmarpd:ITF: no such interface (0)", 
but it seems to work anyway.

What I am interested in are the QoS possibilities of Linux
machines with various ATM adapters. Establishing PCR for UBR
connections seems to be not working with the combination
of PCA200E and ENI155p adapters. However, it is not required
by the ATM traffic management specification. Has anybody performed 
any testing of satisfying QoS parameters with various ATM adapters/
drivers/OS combinations?

Sven                  E-mail:

Czech Technical University
Prague, Czech Republic

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