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AAL0 problem

I have been looking through the archives as a result of a problem getting
atmdump and hence AAL0 communication to work with the PCA-200E.

I have seen similar problems listed:
atmdump doesn't send/receive - then the error message "bind:device or
reource busy" on the sending machine.

I gather that there is some bug that that stops it working properly.  But I
haven't seen anything that looks like a solution.

As I have just started to look at ATM, I would appreciate a quick summary of
the problem and whether it is solvable - I would like to do some basic
performance measurements on transmitting ATM cells through a switch.

I would also be grateful for any information on setting up performance
mesurements for AAL0 and AAL5 communication, comparing different
configurations such as back-to-back communication, communication through a
switch, loopbacks, etc.

I'm using linux 2.2.9 ; atm-on-linux 0.59 ; PCA-200E driver 0.4
on two pentium IIIs with a FORE LE155 switch inbetween them.


James Wise
Roke Manor Research Ltd.

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