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Re: Re:2.2.x kernels okay?

Hello all,

I am trying to clone Scott Knight's success with his ATM on Linux. I am
however confused when setting the ATM part of the kernel (2.2.x)
configuration. Can someone (or better still, Scott himself) pls give me a
helping hand here? For example, should I enable the "new" skb structure? and
so on. I am using the 0.59 version of the ATM on Linux distribution (since
it is the only distrib. that works for 2.2.x kernels) and version 0.4 of the
FORE PCA-200e driver.

I would be using the Linux machine to ATM-connect to a Telebit router and a
CISCO 7000 series router back-to-back.


Foo Ji-Haw
raum 6067
extension 3166

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