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The message that you get has to do with the UNI signalling in your ATM
switch. Make sure, that the signalling is up in your switch. For example
in a  swith for FORE corporation you may activate the signalling on a
port through the AMI .


"Ji-Haw, Foo" wrote:

> Hello all, I have installed and compiled the FORE PCA-200e drivers
> into my 2.2.10 kernel successfully (I hope). I tried to activate the
> atmsigd command, but when I do that, the program keeps returning
> messages like this: atmsigd: SSCOP: layer management - error 0
> "VT(CC)>=MaxCC" Can someone out there please explain what this means,
> and how I can solve it? If anyone suspects my drivers are not properly
> installed, this is what I have in my dmesg: pca200e: FORE Systems
> PCA-200E driver v0.3 -
> pca200e: PCA-200E found at 0xfea00000, IRQ 11
> pca200e: Rev A, S/N: 62119, ESI: 00:20:48:04:f2:a7 That's all. Please
> advice!
> regards, Foo Ji-Haw
> Berkom
> raum 6067
> extension 3166

John Soldatos
Electrical Engineer
National Technical University of Athens
Zografou Campus
Phone: +301 7721479
Fax: +301 7722530

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