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need help on pca200e driver

Does anyone know the procedure to modify registers of SUNI chip on the Fore 
PCA200E card using the driver by Uwe Dannowski ?

I tried adding the following code to the device driver, but the Fore card 
returned the 0x0a status code (which could be interpreted as 
stat_complete|stat_error ..... strange ???):

  writel(op_oc3_set_reg|0x2d0c6300, &cq->qentry->cmd.oc3_reg_param.oc3_op);
  /* opcode=0x07, mask=0x2d, value=0x0c, reg=0x63 */

  i = jiffies;
  while (jiffies < i+40)
    if(cq->status[0] == stat_complete)

  /* at this point the loop terminates and the status is still 0x0a */

Are there any writel's I'm missing. I would highly appriciate any word of 



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