Huawei R&D lab in Dresden

Martin Decky martin.decky at
Thu Mar 7 16:39:02 CET 2019

[Apology for this job ad. Please ignore if you are not interested in job offers.]

Dear all,

Huawei is starting a new R&D lab in Dresden. The lab shall focus on microkernel OS design and development, with a well-balanced mix between innovative research (including, but not limited to, topics such as HW/SW co-design, heterogeneous computing, data-centric computing, etc.) and prototype development (including, but not limited to, design and implementation of key operating system services for Huawei's microkernel OS, safety and security certification, formal verification, etc.).

We offer prospective job candidates the possibility to impact billions of Huawei devices, collaborate on real-world scenarios for the microkernel multiserver OS design (in the automotive, IoT, telco, industrial and other domains) and even influence future HW design (HiSilicon, one of the major semiconductor companies, is a fully owned subsidiary of Huawei). We are also supporting mutually beneficial collaboration with academia (e.g. ETH Zurich, TU Dresden) and microkernel-related companies.

If you are interested in discussing the details of the senior engineer, software architect and researcher roles we offer, please do not hesitate to contact me. We will be also more than happy to talk to you at the upcoming Fachgruppe Betriebssysteme Frühjahrstreffen 2019 in Erlangen next week [1] and at EuroSys 2019 in Dresden in about three weeks [2].


Best regards

Martin Decky
Senior Research Engineer
Huawei Technologies
German Research Center

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