Fiasco.OC-UX on MIPS?

Sarah Hoffmann sarah.hoffmann at
Wed Aug 28 16:47:31 CEST 2019


On 8/28/19 4:07 PM, Paul Boddie wrote:
> On Thursday 22. August 2019 15.34.05 Paul Boddie wrote:
>> On Thursday 22. August 2019 14.15.55 Matthias Lange wrote:
>>> Did you set the correct qemu options in your Makeconf.boot? And you may
>>> have to specify the correct platform type because the default afik
>>> 'boston', like
>>>   make O=mybuild qemu PT=malta E=hello
>>> Also check the qemu cmdline that it contains "-M malta".
>> I set the qemu options on the command line (noted below), but I imagine that
>> Makeconf.boot would also be a reasonable place. I tend to forget about all
>> these different files after a while.
>> In the Fiasco and L4Re "make config" procedures, I did set the platform type
>> to Malta, but it seems that you are suggesting also indicating this on the
>> command line, too.
> Just a quick update: I have since tried running qemu via the Makefile with the 
> machine and console output parameters indicated using QEMU_OPTIONS; the 
> emulator does start up and run code at the expected bootstrap locations but it 
> doesn't seem to produce any output.
> make O=mybuild qemu E=hello QEMU_OPTIONS='-nographic -M malta'

You must also add the CPU type for Mips QEMU. For Mips 32 R2 this would be:

  -M malta -cpu P5600

(Unrelated, I usually also set: -nographic -monitor none -serial stdio
That gives you the output directly on the console, no extra windows.)

Please have a look at the conf/Makeconf.boot.example which provides a
working QEMU configurations for various platforms. I strongly recommend
copying it to conf/Makeconf.boot and then adapting it to your needs. It
makes life a lot easier and serves as a handy reminder what your
favorite options are.

Kind regards


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