I'm more or less involved in the following projects or activities.

L4Re is a microkernel-based operating system framework for building secure and real-time capable systems.

minicom is a terminal program.

stowES is a cross platform package management tool, based on stow. It helps me to management package installation similarly on several *nix-style platforms.

GRUB is a multiboot boot loader. I'm maintaining a patch for GRUB1 that adds some useful features to it, like variables in the configuration language and a universal PXE network driver that works with any recent network card.

Debian is a free and package-rich operating system. I'm running one of the top german and european mirrors. Some software and projects were created for that:

  • DMS is a collection of scripts for mirroring the Debian package repository. It supports features essential for the Debian mirror network to work, like push mirroring, archive checking and more.
  • DMC checks all registered Debian mirrors for their current status and displays the hierarchy of mirrors and up-to-date information.

Some information for running a Pogoplug.