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L4/x86 Microkernel Availability

In March 1998, GMD, the owner of L4/i486, ``advised'' us (TU Dresden) to stop the redistribution of the L4/i486 micro-kernel.

On April 27, 1998, GMD has made available a rather ancient version of L4/i486 (which does not work with the L4Linux server) under a very restrictive license at http://www-set.gmd.de/download/.

We have been in talks about an acceptable redistribution license with the current owners of Jochen Liedtke's L4 implementation for i486 and Pentium, GMD and IBM Research, even though the current results (stopped redistribution) are rather disappointing.

We at TU Dresden have become quite fed up with the bureaucratic and political hick-hack and the general unwillingness of those organizations. For this and other reasons, we finally decided to implement a new, compatible microkernel on our own. The first version of this new microkernel, named ``Fiasco,'' has been released in October 1998.

(hohmuth 98/10/20)

Development Environment

Our development environment for L4 consists of the following components:
  • C development environment. You can use any ELF compiler toolset for Linux.

  • Some C libraries which make writing servers running on L4 easy: libl4sys (system call bindings), libl4dbg (remote debugging stub for debugging of L4 servers using the serial interface) and libl4util (some utilities like l4_sprintf()).

  • A version of Utah's OSKit.

  • Manual pages for libl4sys and some L4 tools.

You can check out the latest version via our read-only SVN service.

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