The Fiasco µ-Kernel

Linux User-Mode Port

Welcome to the Fiasco-UX Microkernel!

Fiasco-UX is a port of the Fiasco microkernel to the Linux system-call interface. Due to its special design, it runs without kernel-level privileges, despite the fact that it is a fully functional L4 microkernel. Because it uses GNU/Linux as host system, it can run on any x86-based system as a normal user-mode application.

Fiasco-UX has become a valuable part of the L4 toolchain. Compared to using a native L4 microkernel for developing and testing L4 applications it has some major advantages:

  • Rapid Prototyping:
    Application development and testing can be done on the same machine. Rebooting of the test machine is now unnecessary. By simply ending and restarting Fiasco-UX, the "virtual L4 box" is rebooted and tests can be repeated. With the complex BIOS versions of today's hardware, this is a real time saver.

  • Multiple Users:
    Since Fiasco-UX runs as an application on a standard, unmodified Linux machine, multiple users can test their L4 applications on the same machine at the same time.

  • Availability:
    Linux machines for running Fiasco-UX are available almost everywhere. In a new environment, it is sometimes difficult or for security reasons not permitted to change the operating system of machines. Hence, an L4 or L4Linux machine is not always available.

Udo Steinberg
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