Building Infrastructure for DROPS (BID) Specification

Jork Löser         Ronald Aigner

April 11, 2012


To ease the writing of DROPS components, this document describes the unified infrastructure of the DROPS source tree. It also describes what files and macros should be used to create the Makefiles needed to compile own components.


This document is based on the work of Lukas Grützmacher, Michel Hohmuth, Jork Löser and Lars Reuther done in 2000. Since then, Frank Mehnert proposed a lot of functionality which is included in this document as well.


This document is also available in .ps and .pdf format. A short abstract is available as and abstract.pdf. You can download this documentation in its various formats at


This documentation is ©2006 by Technische Universität Dresden. This documentation is part of DROPS, being distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License 2. Please see the world wide web at, or write to the FSF, 59 Temple Place #330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA for details.

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