L4Env Generic I/O Reference Manual

Version 0.4



This package defines the generic interface of I/O managers. It is (like dm_generic) not an implementation. generic_io includes a wrapper library libio. This is the I/O manager API to be used.

An I/O manager provides services to access I/O related resources. These resources are (at least on x86) I/O port regions, memory-mapped I/O regions and PCI configuration space. Interrupt handling is also in scope of an I/O manager and handled as proposed for Omega0 (http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~hohmuth/prj/omega0.ps.gz). A brief Omega0 introduction is included in this manual.


libio is linked via "-lio" command line switch to the client program. I/O client programs depend on a running L4Env including region mapper thread within client's address space and common L4Env servers names, log, io and appropriate dataspace managers.

generic_io Reference Manual, written by Christian Helmuth  © 2003 Technische Universitaet Dresden