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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
alloc.h [code]Allocator using a bit-array
ARCH-amd64/apic.h [code]
ARCH-x86/apic.h [code]
atomic.h [code]Atomic operations header and generic implementations
ARCH-amd64/atomic_arch.h [code]I386 atomic operations
ARCH-arm/atomic_arch.h [code]
ARCH-x86/atomic_arch.h [code]I386 atomic operations
base64.h [code]
bitops.h [code]Bit manipulation functions
ARCH-amd64/bitops_arch.h [code]Amd64 bit manipulation functions
ARCH-arm/bitops_arch.h [code]
ARCH-x86/bitops_arch.h [code]X86 bit manipulation functions
ARCH-amd64/cpu.h [code]
ARCH-arm/cpu.h [code]CPU related functions
ARCH-x86/cpu.h [code]CPU related functions
elf.h [code]
getopt.h [code]
ARCH-amd64/idt.h [code]
ARCH-x86/idt.h [code]
ARCH-amd64/irq.h [code]
ARCH-arm/irq.h [code]
ARCH-x86/irq.h [code]IDT related functions
kprintf.h [code]Printf using the kernel debugger
ARCH-amd64/l4_macros.h [code]Main function
ARCH-amd64/L4API-l4v2/l4_macros.h [code]Some useful generic macros, L4 v2 version
ARCH-arm/l4_macros.h [code]Main function
ARCH-arm/L4API-l4v2/l4_macros.h [code]Some useful generic macros, L4 v2 version
ARCH-x86/l4_macros.h [code]Main function
ARCH-x86/L4API-l4v2/l4_macros.h [code]Some useful generic macros, L4 v2 version
list_alloc.h [code]Simple list-based allocator
lock.h [code]Simple lock implementation
lock_wq.h [code]Better lock implementation (in comparison to lock.h)
macros.h [code]Some useful generic macros
mb_info.h [code]
ARCH-amd64/mbi_argv.h [code]
ARCH-arm/mbi_argv.h [code]
ARCH-x86/mbi_argv.h [code]Command line handling
memdesc.h [code]
parse_cmd.h [code]Comfortable command-line parsing
ARCH-amd64/perform.h [code]
ARCH-x86/perform.h [code]
ARCH-amd64/port_io.h [code]
ARCH-x86/port_io.h [code]X86 port I/O
prio.h [code]Thread priority related functions
queue.h [code]
rand.h [code]Simple Pseudo-Random Number Generator
ARCH-amd64/rdtsc.h [code]
ARCH-x86/rdtsc.h [code]Time stamp counter related functions
reboot.h [code]Machine restarting
ARCH-amd64/L4API-l4v2/setjmp.h [code]Inter-thread setjmp/longjmp
ARCH-x86/L4API-l4v2/setjmp.h [code]Inter-thread setjmp/longjmp
sll.h [code]
slmap.h [code]
ARCH-amd64/spin.h [code]
ARCH-x86/spin.h [code]
stack.h [code]Some helper functions for stack manipulation
ARCH-amd64/stack_impl.h [code]
ARCH-arm/stack_impl.h [code]
ARCH-x86/stack_impl.h [code]
thread.h [code]Low-level Thread Functions
ARCH-amd64/thread_time.h [code]
ARCH-x86/thread_time.h [code]Functions to acquire thread time fast (without kernel entry)
ARCH-amd64/util.h [code]
ARCH-x86/util.h [code]
util.h [code]

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