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Re: Problem initializing LANE with PCA200E.

Uwe Dannowski wrote:
 > Chris Ott wrote:
 > We´re running Linux 2.0.33 and ATM 0.31 with the PCA-200E, without problems.
 > Maybe, I should update the page ??? ;-)

I wrote this a long time ago, but it still holds:

What you will need

    A current linux kernel (2.0.x). We run 2.0.29 here at the moment. 
    You must not use 2.1 versions of the Linux kernel. Note that atm 0.31
    was the last release for 2.0 kernels. atm 0.32 is for 2.1
    kernels, but the driver does not work with it yet. 

    The Linux-ATM distribution (see above) itself. Currently, v0.31 seems
    the best choice if you will use the FORE PCA-200E
    driver. Again: atm 0.32 does not work. 

Except for the mailing list archive (which sometimes refuses its automatic
updates) the web page is up-to-date...



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