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Re: Problem initializing LANE with PCA200E.

> Chris Ott wrote:
> > Well, assuming the driver hasn't changed since the documentation was
> > written, you *must* use ATM version 0.31 with the PCA200E driver. You also
> > (according to the documentation) need to use kernel version 2.0.25 with
> > ATM 0.31.
> We´re running Linux 2.0.33 and ATM 0.31 with the PCA-200E, without problems.
> Maybe, I should update the page ??? ;-)

Only if atm 0.31 patches cleanly against 2.0.33.  I recally when I did it I 
had to do a few of the patches by hand.  So as long as you provide an
updated/fixed patch then I would say it is a good idea.  Otherwise there are 
going to be lots of complaints about how it doesn't work with 2.0.33 because
the patch didn't go in cleanly.

> Uwe


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