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Re: Problem loading PCA-200E driver

Hi Chris,

Reminder:  The FORE PCA-200E host adapter is distributed as two different
products.  The PCA-200EPC ships along with a CD, containing drivers for
Windoze95, WindozeNT, and Netware. Whereas the PCA-200EUX ships with
drivers for Unix (including AIX, Irix, Solaris, SunOS, and HP-UX).  

You have obviously received the PCA-200EPC product package.  I just checked
our Windows/Netware CD (part number SFTW0075-03) and sure enough, the .bin
files are merely ~22KB in size, as you reported.

Furthermore, the CD that currently gets shipped with the PCA-200EUX
(SFTW0076-01) contains:

-rw-r--r--   0/121  39800 Apr 29 11:21 1997 FOREatm/root/etc/fore/pca200e.bin

within the /Sun/SunOS5/SUNOS5_PCA_4.1.0.TAR file ...which isn't quite 42KB.!?.

Conclusion:  When installing the Linux PCA-200E driver forget about using
whatever CD came with the card.  Instead, just always use:

Hope this helps.

-Bill Scanga
Dublin, Ireland

At 18:19 04/06/98 -0400, Chris Ott wrote:
>On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Uwe Dannowski wrote:
>> Chris Ott wrote:
>> > One thing I found unusual is the firmware image I had to use. On the
>> > FORE CDrom, there was no "pca200e.bin" - just "esa200.bin",
>> > "esa200e.bin", "pca200.bin", and "pca200em.bin". I chose "pca200em.bin",
>> > since the documentation was so adamant about requiring the "E" after the
>> > "pca200".
>> Try the firmware image from
>Thanks, this solved the problem.
>Any idea why FORE doesn't include this firmware image on their CD rom?
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