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Re: kernel 2.3.3?

I compiled pca200e 0.4 on kernel 2.3.x, it works
just as it does on the 2.1 but you have to go and
patch it yourself since the code is a bit changed.
just don't panic when patch refuses the 2 hunks
okay? then edit the C code and Makefile accordingly...



PS: But this doesn't mean my ATM card works, sth's
terribly wrong with my config I suppose.

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From: Eric Wong <>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, June 09, 1999 1:07 AM
Subject: kernel 2.3.3?

>This is the first time i'm trying atm on linux.  i got the latest pca200e
>driver, v0.4.  The latest ATM-on-linux is 0.6 for linux kernel 2.3.3.  Has
>anyone tried pca200e 0.4 on kernel 2.3.3 yet?  Do you think it will work?
>Otherwise, I'll go back and get the suggested combinations.  It's just that
>I downloaded the latest versions of the other software already.  :)
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