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The Fiasco µ-Kernel
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Download the Fiasco!

Fiasco is freely available under the GNU General Public License. For questions about other licensing variants, please contact us.

Fiasco is available in snapshots as well as with SVN. Snapshots are generally known to work which may not be the case with SVN versions.


The current release of Fiasco is version 1.2, released 26 Sep 2005. TAR archives and their MD5SUMs are available in the directory. Please read the accompanying README file.
  • To fix bugs which have been discovered after a release has been made, we supply patches which can be applied to the current release tree. These patches will be incorporated into the next releases of Fiasco.

SVN and Snapshots

You can check out the latest version via our read-only SVN service. To just get Fiasco, you'll the "fiasco", and, optionally, "grub".
If you also want some user-level programs, the "hello" module should be a good start. If you want even more, consult the DROPS website for further information. There are also daily generated snapshots of the SVN repository available. Currently, the hello package contains Fiasco.

To compile Fiasco, you need the the following software packages:

  • The Preprocessor which can be found under l4/tool/preprocess in our SVN.

To boot Fiasco, you additionally need:

  • The GRUB bootloader. You can use either the generic version from the GRUB site, or our version from SVN module "grub", which contains a few small enhancements.

    For your convenience, we also provide a bootable 1.44MB floppy image which can be mounted as a vfat floppy on Linux. It's a demonstration floppy disk image for the DROPS system and also contains all components for Fiasco like rmgr, sigma0 and hello.

For more information on building and using Fiasco, please find more information on the usage page.

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