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The Fiasco µ-Kernel
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Who is responsible for this Fiasco?

You can reach Team Fiasco at the following email address: <>.

Bug reports and general questions concerning Fiasco can be sent (in English) to the developer's mailing list at <>. You can subscribe to this mailing list at <> (use "subscribe" in the message body). The discussion language for this mailing list is English.

Before posting to the mailing list, you may want to check out the mailing list archive and the FAQ.

Fiasco has been brought to you by the following people:
Michael Hohmuth
has designed and implemented most of Fiasco.
Michael Peter
has contributed a new synchronization mechanism and short-IPC optimizations. He also contributed the port to x86 multiprocessors.
Lukas Grützmacher
has contributed the design of the next-generation mapping database.
Jean Wolter
has contributed Jdb, the built-in low-level kernel debugger.
Jan Glauber
has improved Jdb so that it is actually useful.
Frank Mehnert
has further improved Jdb and has provided numerous bug fixes and enhancements.
Hendrik Tews
has implemented I/O flexpages and contributed many test cases, helping us to crash the kernel more often.
Sarah Hoffmann
has implemented the TLB optimization known as ``small address spaces.''
Alexander Warg
has ported Fiasco to the IA64 and ARM architectures.
Udo Steinberg
has ported Fiasco to run as an application program on top of Unix.
Hermann Härtig
has shepherded the project.
Team Fiasco wishes to thank the following people (in alphabetical order):
Christian Horchert
for help with the design of this web site
Jochen Liedtke, Sebastian Schönberg, Adam Wiggins
for many useful discussions

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Team Fiasco