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Personal website of Norman Feske

Until April 2008, I worked a researcher at the University of Technology of Dresden, Department of Computer Science, Institute for System Architecture, Operating Systems Group. In May 2008, I started my own company called Genode Labs together with my long-year colleague and friend Christian Helmuth. On this site, you find information on various projects that I am working on, at my job and in my spare time.

Current projects

Currently, I focus my work on the Genode OS Framework, which is an implementation of a novel OS architecture that I designed together with Christian Helmuth during our time at the university. With Genode Labs, we continue to drive the development of the Genode OS Framework as an open-source community project: Genode.org project website

For keeping up-to-date with my progress, you may visit the News section of this website. For more information on my various other projects, please visit the Projects section.

Norman Feske - norman.feske@genode-labs.com