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Blender Gallery

This site contains a collection of the results of my Blender toying sessions. It will grow as soon as I get some more satisfying results.


This is the result of my experiments with the radiosity feature of Blender. I really like the realistic look of the soft shadows and the depth of this minimalistic scene. The spotlights that make the material look harder are created using a light source with only a specular part, casting no shadows. The object is low-poly modelled by hand and subsurfaced afterwards. As I like the shape of the object, I decided to take it as logo for the DOpE windowing server. It is now the default background image of DOpE.
TUD:OS forte

With this scene I tried out modeling using subsurfaces and discovered several features of Blender such as texturing, distortion maps and different light sources. Thanks to the very inspiring Blender Online Documentation, my learning curve was quite steep. The logo at the package was actually rendered using POV-Ray. I created the rest of the package texture using OmniGraffle. The bump map and distortion map for the plastic and the single pill were made using the Gimp. The instruction leaflet is actually a scan of a real one.

Norman Feske - norman.feske@genode-labs.com