Projects - (X)Emacs

Here is some random emacs stuff I hacked together. Maybe it is useful for you.
  • flyspell-textcat.el

    [new] flyspell-textcat is a minor mode supporting flyspell-spellchecking in multi-language documents. For each paragraph it calls an external tool from libtextcat which determines the language automatically. It then marks the paragraph such, that ispell-multi can switch the ispell dictionary for each paragraph and spellchecking works correctly.
  • cycbuf.el

    cycbuf is a buffer switching module and the successor of swbuff-y. It does not have external dependencies anymore (as did swbuff-y) and should work well in Emacs. It also contains heavy optimizations for the many-buffer case and should work there too without hassle.
  • swbuff-y.el

    [obsolete] Buffer switching library based in swbuff-x.el and bs.el.
  • tbemail.el

    Major mode for editing emails from Thunderbird's External Editor extension. It supports syntax-highlighting for different quote levels. Also, the plain-text styles italic (/abc/), bold (*abc*), and underline (_abc_) are supported. It is automatically activated for .eml files (which external editor uses). Some more details can be found in the file itself.