Sparse Image

I wrote a small FUSE filesystem which provides a big image file synthesized from many small chunks. This allows simple incremental backups on the block layer, e.g., to remote WebDav folders. Get it here:

sparse_image-0.2.tgz (2008-07-31)
sparse_image-0.1.tgz (2008-07-22)

Create histograms ...

Gnuplot is able to to plot all kind of functions, but it can not create histograms from data files. You can do this with some small command line tools of mine, which compute one-dimensional and two-dimensional histograms from given data.

Download as *.tgz (from 2002-10-14) - compile for linux with gcc, but should be easy to port ... (Feedback welcome)

Note: 'cut' is a very handy tool for pre- and postprocessing of data sets.