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If you program a lot or otherwise work a lot in front your computer you need a lot of screenspace. Or you use a small font.

Based on the work of others I designed a small bitmap font notix_mp, (reencoded for unicode, created bold and italic version, modified and repainted some glyphs, ...). The font is licenced under the GPL. If you enhance this font I'd be happy about a message from you.

There is also a vectorized version available, called motix. Its main purpose is not scalability (it is still designed for a fixed and small pixel size) but subpixel rendering or at least anti-aliasing. Both features can not easily be achieved with a bitmap version, so I decided to redraw the whole font set using vectors.

I completely redesigned motix to be zoomable. The new version is called Motix_Round.


Get Motix_Round. Motix_Round looks similar to motix in low zoom levels, but is usable at higher magnifications too.


For a comparison between motix and notix_mp see here. Subpixel rendering is especially helpful for the italic versions, of course. motix also has some more glyphs.

Motix (anti-aliased with subpixel rendering for an RGB-order display) Notix_mp (b/w bitmap font)
motix_ttf motix
motix_ttf_b motix_b
motix_ttf_i motix_i
motix_ttf_bi motix_bi

Get it here.


[older versions]
2004-08-18: There is a new version 1.06 with two new glyphs (.notdef, non-breaking space) and a ISO8895-1 version for all those who could not use the UCS version.
Installation hint: I advice you to install the font into an ":unscaled" directory (e. g., 75dpi)!
BDF versions for notix_mp

Normal V1.06(UCS, ISO8859-1)

Italic V1.06(UCS, ISO8859-1)

Bold V1.06(UCS, ISO8859-1)

BoldItalic V1.06(UCS, ISO8859-1)

For creating and modifying I used xmbdfed, FontForge, ucs2any and xemacs.