Projects - University

  • Runtime monitoring

    I'm currently working as a PhD student and am interested in the area of runtime monitoring for real-time systems.
  • Latex thesis template

    I'm maintaining a latex template for "Großer Beleg" and "Diplom" theses for stutends at the Operating Systems Group.
  • Model checking

    I did some work on model checking the synchronization primitives in L4Linux with Spin. You can get the slides of a talk I gave about this, and the corresponding Promela sources for the synchronization routines.
  • Performance measurements

    Recently I did some performance measurements comparing L4Linux with its native counterpart. I used the AIM multiuser benchmark, mostly for historical reasons. A lot of work went into using hardware performance counters on an Intel P4 and an AMD Opteron test machine for generating overhead graphs for all AIM microbenchmarks (e. g., TLB misses).