L4Re - L4 Runtime Environment
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 NcxxOur C++ library
 NL4L4 low-level kernel interface
 NL4ReL4Re C++ Interfaces
 NL4vbusC++ interface of the Vbus API
 NL4virtioL4-VIRTIO Transport C++ API
 CElf32_DynELF32 dynamic entry
 CElf32_EhdrELF32 header
 CElf32_PhdrELF32 program header
 CElf32_ShdrELF32 section header - figure 1-9, page 1-9
 CElf32_SymELF32 symbol table entry
 CElf64_DynELF64 dynamic entry
 CElf64_EhdrELF64 header
 CElf64_PhdrELF64 program header
 CElf64_ShdrELF64 section header
 CElf64_SymELF64 symbol table entry
 Cgfxbitmap_offsetOffsets in pmap[] and bmap[]
 Cl4_buf_regs_tEncapsulation of the buffer-registers block in the UTCB
 Cl4_exc_regs_tUTCB structure for exceptions
 Cl4_fpage_tL4 flexpage type
 Cl4_icu_info_tInfo structure for an ICU
 Cl4_icu_msi_info_tInfo to use for a specific MSI
 Cl4_kernel_info_mem_desc_tMemory descriptor data structure
 Cl4_kernel_info_tL4 Kernel Interface Page
 Cl4_msg_regs_tEncapsulation of the message-register block in the UTCB
 Cl4_msgtag_tMessage tag data structure
 Cl4_sched_cpu_set_tCPU sets
 Cl4_sched_param_tScheduler parameter set
 Cl4_snd_fpage_tSend-flex-page types
 Cl4_thread_regs_tEncapsulation of the thread-control-register block of the UTCB
 Cl4_timeout_sBasic timeout specification
 Cl4_timeout_tTimeout pair
 Cl4_tracebuffer_status_tTrace-buffer status
 Cl4_tracebuffer_status_window_tTrace-buffer status window descriptor
 Cl4_vcon_attr_tVcon attribute structure
 Cl4_vcpu_ipc_regs_tVCPU message registers
 Cl4_vcpu_regs_tVCPU registers
 Cl4_vcpu_state_tState of a vCPU
 Cl4_vhw_descriptorVirtual hardware devices description
 Cl4_vhw_entryDescription of a device
 Cl4_vm_svm_vmcb_control_areaVMCB structure for SVM VMs
 Cl4_vm_svm_vmcb_state_save_areaState save area structure for SVM VMs
 Cl4_vm_svm_vmcb_state_save_area_segState save area segment selector struct
 Cl4_vm_svm_vmcb_tControl structure for SVM VMs
 Cl4_vm_tz_stateState structure for TrustZone VMs
 Cl4re_aux_tAuxiliary descriptor
 Cl4re_ds_stats_tInformation about the data space
 Cl4re_elf_aux_mword_tAuxiliary vector element for a single unsigned data word
 Cl4re_elf_aux_tGeneric header for each auxiliary vector element
 Cl4re_elf_aux_vma_tAuxiliary vector element for a reserved virtual memory area
 Cl4re_env_cap_entry_tEntry in the L4Re environment array for the named inital objects
 Cl4re_env_tInitial environment data structure
 Cl4re_event_tEvent structure used in buffer
 Cl4re_video_color_component_tColor component structure
 Cl4re_video_goos_info_tGoos information structure
 Cl4re_video_pixel_info_tPixel_info structure
 Cl4re_video_view_info_tView information structure
 Cl4re_video_view_tC representation of a goos view
 Cl4util_idt_desc_tIDT entry
 Cl4util_idt_header_tHeader of an IDT table
 Cl4util_mb_addr_range_tINT-15, AX=E820 style "AddressRangeDescriptor" ...with a "size" parameter on the front which is the structure size - 4, pointing to the next one, up until the full buffer length of the memory map has been reached
 Cl4util_mb_apm_tAPM BIOS info
 Cl4util_mb_drive_tDrive Info structure
 Cl4util_mb_vbe_ctrl_tVBE controller information
 Cl4util_mb_vbe_mode_tVBE mode information
 Cl4vbus_device_tDetailed information about a vbus device
 Cl4vbus_resource_tDescription of a single vbus resource
 Cl4virtio_block_config_tDevice configuration for block devices
 Cl4virtio_block_header_tHeader structure of a request for a block device
 Cl4virtio_config_hdr_tL4-VIRTIO config header, provided in shared data space
 Cl4virtio_config_queue_tQueue configuration entry